Service and maintenance

Weighing and Bagging Line

Good service doesn’t just happen. Operating a dependable service department requires organization, competent management and a substantial capital investment. Our skilled team of electricians and office staff guarantee your satisfaction from phone call to job completion.

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment there can be no substitute for good service. Downtime is more than an inconvenience…it can put you right out of business. When you call for emergency service we know you need help…not a recorded phone message. That’s why at StoneRidge Electrical Service you’ll never get voicemail. A live operator directs your emergency to one of our technicians, 24/7.

Whether you run a one-person office or manage a restaurant, manufacturing plant or data processing facility you can count on StoneRidge Electrical Service to provide you with prompt, professional, reliable service.

Another by product of today’s bottom line business culture is to keep costs down by maintaining what we have. Common sense tells you that if you change the oil in your car every 3000 miles or so your car will last a long time. Like your car your electrical system needs periodic maintenance as well. Terminations can get loose over time and cause power loss, damage equipment and result in fire.

Fluorescent lighting degrades over time to a point where you may be receiving only 40% of available light lumens while still paying 100% of the cost. And did you know that in larger facilities changing light bulbs as they go out is the most costly way to maintain your lighting? Upgrading lighting to efficient LED’s is a way to save on both energy and maintenance costs. In many cases NYSERDA will help you cover installation expenses.

Many of us do business in buildings and plants built decades ago before the digital age. Did you know that old wiring can reduce the efficiency of motorized equipment and HVAC systems? What about the effects dirty power has on your digital equipment including software? Downtime, replacement costs and safety issues are for the most part avoidable.

At StoneRidge Electrical Service we believe a little bit of maintenance goes a long way in preventing downtime while cutting your expenses. Contact us and we can discuss the many options available to you that will help keep your operation running at its peak.